If you have thought about purchasing chicks instead of hatching
your own, consider this...

The chart above provides a cost comparison of ordering chicks to
hatching your own.  Cost are based on eggs at $235.00 per 1000
versus chicks at a cost of $0.50 each.  By hatching your own
chicks, not only is it a cost savings, the chicks do not have to
endure the high stress levels during shipment, increasing their
chance of survival.


Below we have included the incubation time and incubator
operation for eggs of domestic poultry and game birds.  (Click on
the picture for a larger image)

Another chart that you may find useful is the chart below, which
converts wet bulb from degrees F to relative humidity:

Weighing your eggs:

When you purchase an incubator, it will often have instructions on
hatching various types of eggs.  This is a very good starting point,
but you may want to consider weighing a sample of your eggs at
the beginning and the end of your hatch.  You may also want to
weigh your eggs approximately every week to 10 days throughout
the hatch.

In most cases, the weight loss should be approximately 12% to
14% for the entire hatch.  If you do not achieve your target weight
loss, increase or decrease the incubator humidity accordingly.  
For operators that hatch a lot of eggs over a extended period of
time may want to do this for each hatch.  The age of the hens, as
well as varying atmospheric conditions, can produce a different
weight loss.


Proper equipment is essential in raising quail successfully.  We
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We use G.Q.F. equipment exclusively and have had great
success with their products.  Some G.Q.F. equipment we own
include incubators, hatchers, brooders, heaters, feeders,
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